Reproductive Endocrine Assoc. Costs of Treatments
"In vitro fertilization and other advanced reproductive technologies should be made available to all patients regardless of their means. It should be a standard insurance benefit and should be affordable to virtually all couples."
- Steven A. Brody, M.D., Ph.D.

The high cost of in vitro fertilization is in part predicated on the intensive utilization of sophisticated high-tech equipment. Of greater importance is the role of the experienced personnel in the IVF laboratory who ensure that the procedures during the IVF process lead to successful fertilization and embryonic cleavage.

Insurance companies have been reluctant to fund in vitro fertilization and other advanced reproductive services, even though they are often more cost-effective than prolonged treatments with both surgical and medical therapy. Insurance companies have faced the dilemma of inconsistent reporting of results, along with absence of a reliable method to confirm the data reported in various IVF laboratories. Patient selection is an important factor that affects pregnancy rates in a given center. Bias may be introduced as a result of the selection of the most fertile couples entering an IVF program, as well as the selection of couples who have not already failed other less complicated reproductive technologies.

The current system in the United States focuses on the cost of the service, that is the cost of having an IVF cycle. Since on 22-24% of couples nationally achieve success with in vitro fertilization, the potential cost of having a baby, given the traditional "fee for service" system of payment, may often be quite prohibitive.

The Advanced Fertility Institute has developed a pricing plan that gives virtually any patient the opportunity to attempt an IVF cycle to achieve a pregnancy. Unlike traditional "fee for service" programs, the cost of an IVF cycle is linked to the desired outcome: having a baby. We are able to offer this unique plan because our pregnancy rates have substantially exceeded the national average.

The plan, the Outcome-Based Refund Guarantee, provides up to a 100% refund for patients who do not achieve a baby with in vitro fertilization. Thus, the patient experiences little or no financial hardship if she does not achieve the wanted outcome of having a baby. The goal of the Advanced Fertility Institute is to share the risk with the patient and direct the cost of IVF to the outcome of having a baby rather than the expense of the procedure itself. The outcome-based pricing plan allows qualified patients to have virtually no financial risk apart from the cost of drugs, a reasonable anesthesia fee, and outside services.

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