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If you are in need of Fertility Specialist and Reproductive Endocrinologist services in San Diego, CA, Infertility & Lifespan Medical Institute is here to serve you. Our office provides a variety of services, including Sex Selection, Menopause & Memory, IVF, and Low Sperm Count to our patients with care and expertise. Infertility & Lifespan Medical Institute has served many happy patients of the San Diego community. We hope to see you in our office soon!


San Diego is located in San Diego County, near the cities of Coronado, CA and La Mesa, CA. The city is home to a variety of schools, including Rancho Bernardo High, and colleges such as San Diego State University and San Diego Mesa College. Patients of our practice can enjoy local attractions and activities in San Diego such as Balboa Park, San Diego Zoo, and USS Midway Museum. After your appointment, grab a bite to eat at one of San Diego's many lively restaurants, including Las Cuatro Milpas or iSalud!.


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Dr. Brody is the best Fertility Doctor in San Diego, CA. He is caring and does what is best for you the patient.


May 06, 2020


If your looking at or considering doing anything other than an ICI or IUI, PLEASE NOTE, IVF is NOT offered here anymore. The clinic was closed years ago. You’ll have to find another doctor and office. It is beyond tragic that it took me 8 precious months to find this out. If your over 40 your fertility clock never stops counting down the days. I was lead to believe by several comments, questions, and the website that it was all available as advertised. When I said, "let’s do it, & when can we schedule it" only then did I find out it’s no longer a provided service. I’m writing this in hopes that no one else wastes their time. There needs to be more transparency and updates to the technology arena.  The lab Dr. Brody uses is one star & I can’t recommend that you set foot in it.  They failed to coordinate my care with Dr. Brody & the random sonogram tech I saw made all of the medical decisions instead of a doctor deciding when to do this and that. Naturally it all went 100% wrong and I’ve been suffering ever since. Nothing is worth what I’ve been through.  So heads up.  Don’t use their lab!  Write the word FOOL on your forehead if you do. Let them know your coming. The website linked here has not been updated, perhaps in years.  Just assume that everything under RE or IVF is NOT offered or actually available here. What happens is this, you’ll be sent out to an associate reproductive endocrinologist in Los Angles.  I don’t know of one woman that would be fine with that. Who would want want to be transferred to a strange man you’ve never met and then drive to Los Angles for him to do IVF on you?  No one!  I needed to immediately do an egg retrieval and that’s how I found this out. It was utterly devastating when Dr. Brody said it "wasn’t feasible" for him to do it himself. So I get to start over from square one.  This is second on the list of devastating life events, right after a miscarriage. If your over 40, here is the truth that no one tells you. 80% of the embryos your eggs create will have genetic mutations. Dr. Brody did the study that proved this. You absolutely must do preimplantation genetic screening if your over 40.  And that means IVF. Don’t cut corners! Would 2-5k be worth the cost of a child born with a genetic mutation. To you and the child nothing is worth not starting with a healthy embryo. Think of Downs Syndrome and Cystic fibrosis among a long list of other things.  Don’t take an 80% risk of failure or birth defects. Really really really Great Dr. otherwise.  He can solve absolutely anything for any body given enough time. Men come here all the time. If your his patients, your "in the know". Make sure you get on the list for Labs. Every two months, basically the Mayo Clinic of blood work is done in office. That one report finally diagnosed a lifelong mystery. It’s genetic!  No one else was even thinking of ordering the right test. No other Dr. even comes close to the genius of Dr. Brody. He’s even got his own vitamins that he formulated with 6 other doctors. He’s perfecting humility in the way he doesn’t let you know he made them himself. The wait time is an hour to three hours past your appointment time. This is normal and to be expected everyday. You either adapt to this fact or your welcome to leave.  I suggest that if this doesn’t work with your schedule you can call Pat 30 minutes before your scheduled appt & and ask what time she "really" wants you to arrive.  If you have half a day to spend at an appointment your not me. My last 4 pm appointment had me leaving the office @ 6:45.  I had to let another couple go in front of me, they’d been sitting there a Loooonnnggg time. And I also had to be at work that night at the stroke of 7 pm.  Didn’t make it.  When an audience is waiting you only make this embarrassing mistake once. Another matter mentioned on other review sites but not yet changed is this. Be aware that your appointment with Dr. Brody will be interrupted by his staff each and every visit. Every single time this atrocity has happened to me. I’m sure this contributes to the reason why the office is always running late.  It easily causes such a distraction that it takes 3-4 minutes to recover & get back on track with what you were talking to the Dr. about. It is completely unprofessional, proven to be unnecessary, & it absolutely needs to stop. No one should just open the door & walk in without first knocking, waiting to be acknowledged, then and only then do you enter!!! In any other office around the world, unless the Dr. has an urgent call & needs to put a patient in the ICU, no staffer walks in & interrupts the doctor patient process unless it’s a matter or life or death.   Anyone have a great IVF Doctor in San Diego?  Please message me & let me know asap.  I’m getting the word "fool" off my forehead, that permanent marker......

Alannah A

September 10, 2018


Most people don't bother reading the 5 star reviews. They want the dirt. There is none so read this review for tips.  If you can get an appointment here you'll live and not die. I promise. I can't say that for anyone else!  You can book online at his website and on Zoc Doc. They are never in on Wed. But the Dr. is in two alternate days a week. Your first visit is to get to know your health history and start looking at your previous labs. Bring everything with you and a copy for him.  Your second visit is when things really start to be figured out with the appropriate tests. Dr. Steven Andrew Brody is an expert in Endocrinology and metabolism, everything in Internal Medicine, he knows it.  He is an Ob gyn  and can create life in a test tube for IVF. Yep, this is your guy.  Look no further. I saw someone stop in with a cold and he had compassion & helped her. What a great doctor to actually care about helping people, and I saw it with my own eyes. Whatever it is, if your suffering is not being believed or listened to and you know it's serious. Come run it by Dr. Brody.  You will thank me later. The healthcare system is so broken you don't stand a chance elsewhere. He does know everything about everything.  He's connected with the best dr. in every field. Follow his directions and you'll live a long healthy life. Catching things before your hospitalized and dying from them is the way to go, but you have to demand answers and be relentless in pursuing your healing. Dr. Brody is unique and not owned by the system. He's on your side and if you don't have a doctor that has your back your going to be in big trouble when your health is challenged.  Go here now and avoid all that. He's board certified in all four specialities. Tell any MD this and watch their face. "Wow" is what they all say. He's the only US Dr. that holds that distinction. He's an anointed genius and God is using him to help His people live and not die. Impressive!  Most important factor in trusting a Dr. is their character. I trust him and life has taught me a brutal lesson to not to blindly trust doctors. Men in the know, come here too, I've seen them in the waiting room.  Guys, you won't feel strange going to an obgyn.  Every two months his patients have an opportunity to have their blood tested in his office. Go just for that reason alone. Many tests from one blood draw covered things I've never even heard of, like what I need to eat. It's not just the barely get by blood tests done here, its cutting edge longevity and prevention medicine. The exam room can be oppressively hot in the baking sun of the afternoon.  New heat blocking blinds are a must, I'll volunteer to make that happen for everyone.  Either that or an AC unit must be installed. It's only Feb and summer always comes.  Go in the morning if you can't tolerate the heat. After 30 min waiting in a hot room (as he blessed a departing patient with 'Door Knob Therapy') I was starting to get exhausted from "glowing" and had to go cool off in the fresh air.  Turned out I figured out I can't tolerate heat by being in here for an hour.  And that was a symptom of the medical problem I'm conquering. In closing I've noticed YOU have to make sure to collect your prescriptions off the paperclip in your chart. Wait, as they copy everything then grab your pages and your good to go. Parking is close and plentiful. Blue sparking is always open. He's on the 3rd floor, turn right as you get off the elevator. It's a beautiful office and reminds me of Hurst Castle. Ask about the biomatt. You just schedule its use with his delightful & faithful assistant Pat. She's been with him for almost 20 years. I hope he never retires.  If he does I hope he'll go into concierge medicine & make house calls. I can't imagine finding anyone I'd rather consult than Dr. Brody.

Mariah A

February 23, 2018


I need to move back to Los Angeles from San Diego where I see Steven Brody, MD. I am moving back for reasons that have to do with my overall health. I have been a patient of Dr. Brody's for several years and I am going to commute to San Diego every two weeks to see him because I love him very much. He is doing his very best to help me. I have special needs for my treatment for fertility and I have a lot of hope that I will meet my  goals.

Linda J

December 21, 2016


Dr Brody is brilliant. Maybe this isn't the place for routine care but if you have a health concern, see him. He is not only brilliant but he is well connected to other brilliant MD's if he can't help. He's actually moved to 6386 Alvarado Court Suite 340 San Diego CA 92120

Erica M

October 05, 2016