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Reduced IVF Costs in San Diego | 30 Years of Clinical Experience

Women and couples with trouble conceiving naturally can get the help they need with IVF. Contact Steven Brody, M.D., Ph.D., at the Fertility and Lifespan Medical Institute in San Diego, California.

IVF Cycle $5,990 

Mini IVF $4,990 Per Cycle

Egg Freezing $3,990 Per Cycle

Guided by a laboratory director with a 25-year tenure, our Institute offers unparalleled fertility solutions—at an affordable rate.

What if I have concerns about affording fertility treatment?

The regular IVF Cycle fee of $5,990 includes all costs for the physician, retrieval, transfer, and IVF laboratory services including sperm injection (ICSI). For affordable IVF, call us at 858-216-2096. Learn more about treatments and flexible payment options. Dr. Brody offers a wide range of fertility treatments, including:

  • IVF
  • Egg donation 
  • Mini IVF
  • Male Fertility
  • Egg Freezing
  • Surrogacy
  • Embryo genetic testing

Fees do not include medications, pre-cycle evaluation, lab tests, embryo freezing, or anesthesia. Prices listed are for self-pay and United States-based patients only.

As the Medical Director of Fertility and Lifespan Medical Institute, Steven Brody maintains an unwavering commitment to patient care, ensuring you will have an exceptional IVF journey. He is Fellowship-trained in Reproductive Endocrinology. He is the co-author of a definitive IVF textbook, written with Nobel prize winner Robert G. Edwards, PhD; the inventor of IVF.

The prospect of fertility treatments can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to. Steven Brody shall leave no stone unturned to elucidate the situation, and help you build your family. Get high-quality fertility care at an affordable rate. So, call today or request more information online.

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